Security Blinders We Wear

We all thought the new credit cards with the chip was going to solve most of the problems with credit card fraud.

Wrong. Just heard how some scammers figured out that if they could get a hold of new CC being sent to companies and replace the chip with some old one, that owners would validate the new card after which the scammers could put the stolen chip into an old card and start raking in big bucks!

I know security is not easy, but did anyone consider this idea before? Why can’t we make cards that are “tamper-proof”? I don’t look forward to hear about other ways these new cards can be hacked, but I know it’s coming.

Got Hackers?

We’ve been getting may comments on our site from people that have been or feel they have been, “hacked”. It is possible that technical problems could make you feel like a hacker has gotten into your system. It’s also possible that your device has been infected with something that is causing problems. And it is also possible that someone you know or a stranger has hacked one or more of your accounts, or even your device itself.

We are not equipped to help large numbers of users, even if we charge for our services which sometimes we do not. We have neither the staffing or the resources at this time to play a large role fighting hackers or solving Internet security issues. If you have a very complex or interesting problem, you need a second opinion, or if you can pay a large amount of money, then you can contact us to see if it’s possible for us to help you. We want to help, but we just cannot help everyone – Hacking is too large of a problem.

In many cases problems can be diagnosed and solved with anti-virus or anti-malware software. Having a professional may not be required, but for the best results use someone that has experience and knows what questions to ask you and what to look for on your device.

To investigate phone security on your own, get a cheap “burner” or pre-paid phone. That will give you a new phone number you can use.  Then one by one give people you know your new number. Keep a log of when you give people your number and wait a few days between each person. If you start having problems on your new phone, you know it’s someone you gave the number to, or someone THEY gave the number to. Then start over with another new phone. Give the number to the last person on your list and wait a few days before going backwards through your list giving people the new number. When you have problems again, you have narrowed down the possible suspects. Keep in mind that it may not be them, but someone that had access to look at their phone. Or their phone may be hacked. At least you have a way to get closer to understanding how and why this is happening to you.

Remember that hackers can hide their tracks up to a point, but few can hide so well that a god professional cannot locate them. Most hackers are Idiots that want to hurt or bother people and don’t realize that if someone wants to find out who they are, they will.

Good Luck, and remember not to click on links from strangers or friends unless you think about it first and confirm you know what the hell you are doing. 🙂 And don’t trust ANYONE on the Internet. The web is NOT the real world and the less technical you are, the more you are at risk.