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  2. Hi I’ve also been hacked so many times. This has been going on for a long 6 month’s now. I’ve have to change phone numbers , phone company and I even had to leave my home! Because I had a few hackers myself.. Well long story short hoping you can really really help desperate need of help..It was a hack now it’s more of a serious issue of stocking and not by1 but many ..I’m constantly living in fear, There always on my phone.,I’ve reported many times to Google,Facebook,MetroPcs,&now T-mobile plz I Really Don’t Know What to do anymore?!!

    [Admin: Hi Delia, If you are being stalked off-line, then you need to notify the police. As far as your phone and online problems go it sounds like you MAY be imagining some of the problems, but I have no way to tell for sure. I would contact a tech support person in your area to check your computer and other devices to see if they are infected with a virus or something else.

    If you don’t trust people in your area, then you should travel to another city where you don’t know anyone and seek technical help there. The other option is to hire a private investigation company to verify your fears are real and who is behind them so they can be reported and stopped.

    We cannot help you beyond providing this advice.
    Good Luck! ]

  3. I have been put on abuse web and haking.

    [Admin: Well, I recommend that you stop doing that.]

  4. Frederick Rosales

    She Is not imagining anything it is real. I know what she or he is talking about I would love to talk to her. Maybe it is not staking but maybe it is recruiting?

  5. Frederick Rosales

    Travel to to another city? What joke !

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