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Careers in Search Engine Optimization

Nielsen Technical Services currently does not have any positions or jobs available. But if you are interested in working in the search industry, even if you have no experience, please contact us for an informational (practice) interview or to discuss a possible partnership.

Search Marketing Partners

SEO Subcontractors for Nielsen Technical Services willing to use our proven methods. Those experienced with SEO will find it overly simple and perhaps even laughable, yet the results and satisfied clients speak for themselves.

If you are interested in our program and how it can provide a new career or additional income for your existing business, please contact us via email.

Programming Partners

Good at programming but stink at marketing and running your business? Perhaps we were made for each other. We have some programming and project management expertise and can do the marketing, but we lack the hard core programmers inability to communicate on topics the are not code, star trek or mathematics. We can help you to learn and perhaps enjoy marketing your programming business, and improve other skills to match your insane coding ability.

Web Design Partners

See "Programming Partners" above. Much of the same thing applies except that in your case we show you that text-based web content and marketing are not all that evil. If we work together you will never enter "Home" in another title tag again...!

Internet Consulting Apprentice / Intern Program

Are those still willing to sign up for slave labor? If there are, we'd like to talk to you if you can show your gratitude. We'd like you to take everything you think is good and useful from our way of doing business and make it your own. In return, you work for little or no money and learn, learn, learn! You will be expected to teach us a few things as well.




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