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The core of our business is Internet consulting. We specialize in search engine optimization or SEO. Most small business owners have neither the time nor the interest to learn all about Internet marketing or search marketing. Since the Internet and computers in general seem to change so fast, it's very difficult to keep up with the latest technologies and trends.

But the truth is that sometimes you don't need the latest and greatest to have effective solutions for business. While we may recommend you adopt new software or hardware, we may also suggest you use older technology that you already own, but possible in new ways.

Sometimes a little creativity can go a long time towards conserving capital and extending the life of the assets you already have. Unlike hard-core geeks that feed of the latest technology, we get great satisfaction in providing a solution that is the most cost-effective for your needs.

We never make you feel dumb. I have no idea why many consultants seem to go out of their way to talk down to clients and take the stance that they know best, despite what the client says. Our attitude is that we are partners, and this is true even if you use our free initial consultation and decide to not work with us. We give you our best shot right up front and that will generally convince most potential clients that we not only know our stuff, but we also really enjoy what we do, and if we can help you out we get satisfaction from doing that.

Even if someone does not become our client, we want them to go away and feel good enough about our exchange to tell others. Not being concerned on what we get in return for helping others has been the single most important thing in the success of our business.

We can help you with your increasing the traffic to your web site, how well your site converts visitors into customers, and other aspects of how your site works and other forms of Internet and web marketing.





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