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Our Flounder, Christian L. Nielsen
Chris Nielsen is founder and chief executive officer of NielsenTech Corporation. The company uses simple strategy and technology to optimize the performance of its client's web sites. Chris and the NielsenTech team have been dedicated to helping small business owners succeed since 1988. Mr. Nielsen is the founder of and moderates or contributes to many discussion lists and Internet Forums.

Mr. Nielsen is almost never quoted by minor or major news media including the Wall St. Journal, Business Week, the San Jose Mercury News, or DM News. He has also never been invited as a speaker at industry conferences. He enjoys sharing tips, tricks and strategies in print and in person. He is largely self-taught and prefers working with small to medium businesses, since they have been shown to appreciate the level of service he provides.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nielsen Technical Services was founded by Christian L. Nielsen in 1988 to provide computer repair, consulting, and data recovery services. At the time, Mr. Nielsen was working full as a computer technician. He found that he enjoyed working for himself and the freedom to do as much as he wanted to take care of the client and ensure customer satisfaction. The goal has always been to provide good service at a fair cost and to have customer satisfaction on every project.
In 1997 the technology focus of the company changed, as the Internet was starting to change the IT industry as nothing else had before. Choosing to bypass web site development as a primary service offering, due to a reported lack of design skills, Mr. Nielsen clearly recognized that a broader technical

service offering would bring the greatest advantage in a new and quickly evolving technology that was the Internet.

Starting with general Webmaster and administration services, the company discovered one area that was virtually unknown by the web site development companies. That one area was search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine submissions. Most web development companies are focused on the construction and appearance of the sites they develop, and not on the ability of those sites to deliver in the marketplace.

The company specializes on delivering top value for small and medium-sized business that need search engine optimization beyond simple site submissions, but cannot afford spending thousands dollars to have their site optimized and submitted. The company's method of General Optimization is the result of over three years of constant research into all of the available information on search engine optimization. The result of this research is a methodology that returns the best results for the least amount of effort and works across a wide range of search engines and Internet directories.

The company maintains several small directories including the successful in late 2003. The company also has plans for a number of specialized vertical search engines and on February 23rd, 2006 the Mesothelioma Search Engine was launched.

This is a company you can related to and communicate with. They are interested in your business and may get more excited than you about it's potential. You will have trouble finding another company that so freely offers their help and information you need to know to make the best decisions for your business. If you decide not to work with them, they will offer to help you find someone else, and NOT because there is any kind of finder's fee or comission involved. That's just the way they are.

When asked about this, Nielsen replied, "The best marketing tool I ever found is to selflessly help other people. Help others without a thought about what you might get and if it works for you like it has worked for me, you'll get everything you need in life".




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