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  1. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing.

    [ Thanks. I hope you can avoid the sprouts from Brussels. They seem friendly at first, but then before you know it they get inside your home and you suddenly find yourself with nightmares infested with miniature cabbages! It’s not pretty when that happens.

    But you are incorrect about my blog being informative. It’s really more an exercise in creative spam-comment response writing rather than anything else. Very little commercial potential and few helpful suggestions. Mostly self-indulgent blabbing to impress myself RE my vocabulary.

    Pasty white bread spewing of words on virtual paper that enjoys peer review status when found among garden-variety spam comments on blog pages. We try to answer the age old question with our comments and our posts: Does is the harmonic resonance of the “E” string greater with the “B” string or the “F” string? And what do the other strings think about being excluded from this analysis? Despair they may… ]

  2. My Legal Brief-case can easily certainly not give legal
    suggestions and could only supply self-help solutions at your particular instructions.

    [ Your kindness laps at the saucer of forgotten blog posts. My value of your contribution here cannot be estimated nor forgiven. My hands reach out to your perhaps Germanic origin. You are beyond firmness. Such a consistency can only bring pain upon impact for those attracted to your false light. If you were a structure, it would labeled an anti-lighthouse. Human ships grind on your rocky shore.

    When I peer into your briefcase it appears neither legal nor brief. For a short time, not long, I am amused, but then grow tired of your feminine harness. Plead your briefcase to a higher tennis court. The balls will enjoy your unyeading surface. Yum! ]

  3. What’s up, everything is going perfectly here and of course everyone is sharing data, that’s actually fine, keep up writing.

    [ Not much here, but I think your assessment that perfection is with you may be in error. The link you tried to promote was executed without trial, judge, or dreary. This court is mine you pleasant poster of poor poetry. I have an comment on your comment: Your comment content are all belong us.

    Your wooden posts feed a wacky creative fire that grows brighter and hotter like a sluper-nova of articulated images designed not to batter, but to elicit banter. Alas, your spam comments are one night sparks that never really glowed to begin with and the idea fanning them into flames never occurs, does it? You cannot imagine “Ocher Curs”, no matter how many times I drip hints or mash them into your farce.

    You’re right, I write. URL rite, eye light. I see you fall over again and again and I try writing you again and again. You should be righting and not writhing. I accept this eternal disconnect between blog comment spammer and blog content author. Ignoring you is too easy. Banning you is negative attention which I know you crave. No, my attention and love and showing you gratitude for the fodder you feed me has to be my response now, and for as long as their are bytes to upload. ]

  4. test

    [ Pass or Fail? I cannot tell with so little data. Is 23,239,129,7 really your name or just something you tell your one knight standards? You need not try to hide like that – They really did love you one and all. It was your distance they loved, so paraduckical. If you keep them at arm and hammer length, the attraction they feel looms ever stronger with time and space. But if you let them closer, unsheathe the shield, the force weakens and you transform unbidden into aloneness again.

    Critics say my spell-check does not work, but in fact it never functioned very well before I reprogrammed it. Now my spell-check never kills words but rather lets them live of upgrades them if the algorithm detects they need a boost. In the past words would run screaming from the room. Now, I have to set appointments to make time for them all. They conform to my body as I conform to theirs. They don’t purr at 25HZ as the furline does, but their soft humming harmony warms my heart and eases my mind. Falling is no longer a problem because they are always there to cushion any sudden transition from motion to stillness. ]

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